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Thursday, October 2, 2008

Approved, Officially-The Wait, & The Excitement & Bianca!

Well, several things have happened since our last adoption update so here we go!!!
As you know we have been on the wait list for just a short time now. Since we have been on the wait list, the courts in Ethiopia have been closed...Pretty much from the beginning of August to Oct. 1...So, that means it is open once again. They live life a bit different than the good old "do it all in a day" USA!
When NOT in the middle of the adoption process I have to say that I really appreciate both Guatemala and Ethiopia closing public offices for longer periods of time...Ethiopia was closed for the rainy season...I like that idea. I like to close up shop when it rains also!
Outside of the courts being closed, we had to redo a few fairly simple documents and resubmit them. So, we should be back in action this week with all paperwork being up to date. We also went a few weeks ago to have our fingerprints done once again in STL. And just last week we were approved from the US government to adopt! Wahoo! I guess they think we are okay people!
It is amazing some of the stuff that has to be done to complete all paperwork!
So, we are on the wait list, approved by the US govt., the Ethiopian courts are open once again...AND THE BEST NEWS!!!!!
The director of our adoption agency (IAN) has just returned from Ethiopia with lots of kids to be referred!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Could our daughter be in this group???? I can hardly wrap my head around it!
They are currently not releasing any info until all of the physicals are completed on all of these precious little people. Once they are complete they have said they will be contacting families.
We are, as previously stated, #5 on the wait list for a little girl, so we COULD be part of the OH SO LUCKY group of parents that get their GREAT news soon!
And, if not, that means we are CLOSER than we were before!
We are just so happy and excited about this. And I cannot even imagine what this little girl will do to all of our lives.
I have just been so blown away lately at how big my life has been blessed and just knowing that our daughter is coming soon makes me feel even more humbled by how huge God is!
In the meantime, more Bianca pics!!!
She is still warming up to a new little sis! For now she is loving all of the attention and she is hilarious as ever.
The face says it all!

Last week she was in a sock phase and insisted on wearing one of Erics socks all day!

Is this hilarious or what? Bianca with her 2 cousins, Fisher & Klein and her Uncle Collin!


Kelly said...

That is exciting news I cannot imagine how you all are feeling. Congrats. Bianca is as precious as ever I love her overalls cute!!!!!!!!!!

Sarah said...

Your baby girl could be in the bunch of papers and referrals!!!! WOW. You are getting closer to seeing your Ethiopian Sweetheart for the very fist time! ! We cannot wait to meet the new Becking Beauty!
Love you guys,
Shari - The VonStoup Family

Cheri said...

Maybe we should all speculate when the referral will come! Can't wait! Cheri

Candy said...


I can't wait to see her....I know you can't post pics on your BLOG

SO my email address is



Kristi J said...

she is just soooo cute...She'll be a great BIG sis!!! Hope you hear something soon, Kristi

Debbie said...

That is exciting news! No matter what, you are certainly very close to adding another baby girl to your family.

Unknown said...

Thanks for contacting me on my blog!!!!! HOW EXCITED I AM FOR YOU GUYS!!! I can't wait to follow your story!! Maybe someday we'll be able to introduce all our kiddos to each other!!
Bianca is precious!

The Andersons said...

Hello! We are adopting a baby girl from IAN too and I wanted to say hi and get connected with the IAN family. Congrats on being all approved!


Unknown said...

Happy ONE year Home! Were you at the Westin? I was there and so was my husband and daughter bringing home Abigail. She celebrated her year home as well!

Praising God you are getting closer to your referral. Trusting in His perfect timing and child for your family!

Your daughter is precious! I love those sweet eyes of hers.

In His amazing grace,

Rachel said...

Can I ask you which agency you're using? We're facing an excruciatingly long wait with our agency and I was considering looking at other options. You can reply back on my blog - just leave a comment. We have a son who's adopted from Guatemala and we are now in-process with Ethiopia, so we're in similar boats! Your daughter is adorable!