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Monday, October 27, 2008


We love fall...And hats!!!!!

Okay so I have been tagged...Not once, not twice, but many many times...I usually ignore the tags, but now I am beginning to feel guilty for not responding so to all of you...First group, Cheri, Vonstroup's, and I think McMurray's..And yes ladies I know it has been many many moons, and now to my new friends Mindy, and Leah.
I feel I must respond. Laziness I guess has kept me from it, and I am not one to follow rules all of the time! ha

So here goes..I am sure it will be riveting!
1. When I told Eric there was nothing weird about me to report, it took him a moment to catch his breath from laughing so hard. ha ha..Here is one he IMMEDIATELY reminded me of:
I am deathly and irrationally afraid of alligators...Like I am worried one could eat me. Do not judge me. I cannot even stand to see them on TV. I freak out.
2. I now and have always talked out loud to myself throughout the day..all day. Never thought the least bit strange until I married Eric and he NEVER has done this...Second thought, he might the odd man out on this one. I have been caught several times talking to myself in my car when I look over and see another person in a neighboring vehicle staring. (now I have an excuse..Bianca!)
3. I am ALL IN or NOTHING....There is no gray area in life for me...With most everything. I am a total DIE HARD, or NO GO on most every major issue. I am extremely passionate and a bit of a dreamer.
4. I lived in Thailand for a summer while Eric was in chiropractic school... LOVED IT! A scooter for transportation, rode in tuk tuks, on elephants, lived among the monks on a monastery tour and hung on for dear life of the back of Thai taxi motorcycles-with little to no understanding of the language.
5. I have spent time in Ghana, South Africa, Kenya, Uganda, & Morocco, living with locals in orphanages, AIDS havens, Refugee camps.
6. I used to be a shopping addict...I have made great progress in recovery over the past year, but still love a good day at the mall!
7. I am addicted to McAlister's Sweet Tea..I know it is bad. But, anyone who knows me most likely thinks that I have had a McAlister's Tea cup surgically attached to my hand. Every day...And If I am out of town I will find one!!!
*I could listen to the Rolling Stones 24/7...They never get old. Totally committed.
*I am a natural born to be hippy peace lover...It is just who I am.
*I have a tattoo of the omnipeace sign. I LOVE AFRICA
Oh, and as for the 7 I am supposed to TAG, I am NOT going to tag anyone but my friend Michelle...and only her because she is getting her blog up and running and this will get a bunch of people over to see it, and to support her family as they begin their Ethiopian adoption!
Peace & Love-Chantelle


Cheri said...

love the picture of mother/daughter!!!

Trendy Mindy said...

love the hats!! CUTE!! I am a reformed hippy :)...if only u could see the pics...hillarious! I used to be a shopping addict also - now I am way tooooo thrifty!!

Upstatemamma said...

What an adorable little girl you have.

Anonymous said...

Hi Chantelle - I've been reading your blog for a couple of months now. I went on project to Panama City Beach with Eric back in '93 (seems like forever ago now!), and anyway I just wanted to let you know that I am always encouraged by your blogs. I'm so happy for your family and look forward to keeping up with your adoption process in the days ahead. Please tell Eric hi for Lisa (Bond) Frazier from NC.
Take care, Lisa

Chantelle said...

Thanks for posting. Eric was so happy to hear from you. Said you guys were best buds in PCB.
You can email him if you want to catch up
Thanks for following our lives. It is awesome to know people really care!
Take Care

Anonymous said...

Well I'm glad I checked back here - I wasn't sure how this blogging/commenting thing goes, but anyway I'll email Eric. Thanks so much! Talk to you soon! :)