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Tuesday, July 31, 2007

7 Weeks Back in PGN

Okay so 7 weeks back in PGN today!!! Come on, we must get the OUT call soon! I have to be honest...I am not handling the wait all that great this week. I need to get focused on other stuff, but this is my kid I am waiting on! I am always happy to see other families get out of PGN and know that they will be taking their babies home, but today I am having a pity party wishing that we could be one of those families! Keeping positive can be a challenge!
On a very bright note, one of our best friends has decided to move forward to adopt from Guatemala....We are SOOO excited for them...Bianca will have another Guatemalan girlfriend!
Some of the old high school buddies are getting together this week. I am excited to see everyone and we will be working on our class reunion coming up this fall......15 years.....Is that really possible?
As always thanks for your prayers and thoughts.
Much Love

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