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Monday, July 9, 2007

Hey everyone! Happy Monday! What a great weekend we had. Good buddies Erika and Bets were down for a short visit and what a great time! Nothing like good friends!

Well, we are hearing of many people getting out of the PGN! I have to admit, I wish it were us! Is that sooo wrong??? Okay, I am just going to put this out there.....I am anticipating 4 more weeks or less...I would prefer tomorrow of course, but I know that little lady will be home when the time is right!

Now, I know some of you might be a bit confused about the blog updates (Aunt Judy). I am not sure that I said I would update EVERY day, though I know you must think my life is just that exciting! I will try to be on at least a few times a week however, and I realize that no matter what I write people are really here for the new Bianca photos so I will keep them coming! I have been having a really good humor about the wait for B the past week or so. I am not saying that I do not have a pity party every now and then during this tedious wait, but in the scheme of things our adoption process has been pretty amazing.

I had an idea the other day...Ran it past my mom, and she pretty much thought I was nuts. Now that I have all of the cool baby stuff, I thought, why not try them out? I could put a doll in that hot rod stroller I bought and roll that thing around the neighborhood. You know, just as a warm up.....Then maybe head into Target with the new baby sling I bought...Again, I could put a doll in there, just to get a feel for the thing.....Wow, would people talk...And wouldn't that be fun to really give them something to talk about over dinner. I could quickly fill the crazy lady big stretch there!

Anywho, it is late which is typical of my long rants. Eric is a morning person and of course, I am a big time night owl. I am guessing we will have to make some "small" changes when Bianca gets home. Still trying to decide what her nickname might be. I guess that will come with time. She is just so cool. Have I said that like one million times on this site?

I hope everyone is doing great. Let's send some seriously postive energy to the people within the Guatemalan PGN! We are ready to bring home that child already!

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Jaime said...

Your little girl is GORGEOUS! I pray she is home VERY soon w/ your family.