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Saturday, July 14, 2007

Saturday Night and I am Feeling Alright!

Hi guys

Of course it is always close to midnight when I post. Lots of great thing happening this week for adoptive families. Looks like we are another day closer....basically no matter what is happening. I got up the nerve to call the PGN in Guatemala on Friday....It gets mixed reviews on whether or not adoptive parents should call or not. They were actually really nice to me and I found out that our paperwork is on the 2nd reviewer's desk for approval. Now honestly, this could be accurate and then again maybe not. I was just so happy to hear her say my name when I gave her our PGN case number....I thought, YES! one thing good...We are actually in PGN. This is a good thing. (At this point, mama is not choosy about things to get excited for!) So as the process goes in PGN, one reviewer approves the file, and then on to a second reviewer, and finally to Senor Barrios desk for final approval. At any of these steps they can issue another KO if they find something they are not happy with. About 90% of cases, from what I have heard get 1 previo, or KO. So we have our 1 KO down and hopefully will be blasting through to our OUT! Keep up the positive mojo as always that our file keeps moving and maybe even more swiftly than before. Also for perfect paperwork and lightning speed approval now!

Okay, so that is the latest on Bianca!

Now the latest with us....Eric is totally obsessed with getting the IPhone....He has turned into a bit of a techy...which is a real change. We have decided to join forces for the time being also, and have started working out together daily. We have always done our own thing, but this has really been fun for us....Dang, we are a competitive duo. Hope Bianca does not have to see these extremes! We really must get this under control!

I am slowly working toward getting my pilot's license which has been a lot of fun and also terrifying....A bit for me, maybe more so for my instructor! HA!

I am also working with a few people to begin a non-profit group for families interested in International Adoption. The organization will be called, "Room for One More"- awesome name that I cannot take the credit for. What a cool group of people starting to come together to get the word and information out. I will post more as it begins to take form. It has really started with a few women at my church who are all feeling led to make a difference. Kids all over the world need a voice, and southeast Missouri is going to hear mine! What a great adventure this will be!

We have really been having a great time with the new and old friends we have made here. It is also so great to have family close by. We love living here! Check in again soon!

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