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Monday, September 17, 2007

Celebrate Good Times....C'Mon!!!!

It is time for one heck of a party! I have been having a party for one for almost a week now!!! Eric joins in while he is home also! In just a couple of days Bianca will be with us, for the rest of her life!!!!! Yeee Haw! I am a total nut case right now and I am taking in every moment of it..I can't wait to get some new photos of Bianca posted while we are there also...I know she has changed so much...Wow, we have a lot to do...So many outfits to try on! I mean I have been buying like Bianca is not one, but three kids!
We are going to have such a great vacation time while in Guatemala this trip...I never again have to get back on a plane to come home without that little squirt...So this will be to the great pleasure of all of the poor ladies and gents that have shared a row with me in the past....I have had more than 1 "not great" return flights...Yep, cried for at least the first 30 minutes of the flight...Of course no one had a clue as to why I was crying and as many of you women can understand (and a few know who you are), the more I would try to stop the more choked up I would get resulting at times in kind of a snort...And on occasion would really revert into the ugly know, the uncomfortable one, that NO ONE wants to watch but they just cannot help themselves!
I feel sheer GLEE these days! I know you guys are FULLY aware of this already... I just wanted to remind you!
Not much to report today just loving this Bianca countdown....Much Love-Chantelle

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Kristen and the Gang said...

Your leaving soon and Bianca will be placed in your arms forever! I am sure you will cry again on the plane but this time for different reason...because you are so filled with happiness that your DAUGHTER is finally coming home. That you are very sad that her Bmom had to give away such a precious angel for you to have your DAUGHTER, for the Fmom who is going to be devastated when she hands her to you and that you are taking Bianca away from her country. This process is filled with such huge emotions. Have a wonderful, magical and very safe trip. Enjoy every single moment of this is a once in a lifetime experience!!! And please...hurry up and post some pics...i can't wait to see you holding that little girl!