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Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Bianca becomes a Heavyweight.....

Finally the fix we have ALL been waiting for! We received Bianca's 9 month medical check up and photos today...And as stated in the title..she has become our little heavy weight! Okay, not really so much a true heavy weight but I am so proud...Last month she did not gain any weight and finally at this month's check, she had gained a whopping 1 pound 3 ounces!!!! What a time to celebrate! This little turkey was in need of these extra ounces as she is such a tiny and petite little lady. Now she is weighing in at a hefty 15lbs. 4 oz.....And the crowd goes wild!!!!
I have to say...It has been far to long since I have seen my little girl and seeing these photos totally made my day!
Looks like she will have NO shortage of hair, and looks like it will be curly. I wanted to make sure and try to get a photo in of her foster mom with her. She is really fantastic and has loved Bianca like her own daughter. What an awesome woman. I know she will have a tough time sending Bianca home with us.
Bianca's 2nd DNA test was on Monday and as far as I know everything is moving forward....Now guess what...we wait! We are hoping to get the much adored Pink Slip next Friday, but that might be a bit soon...A girl can dream, right? And wouldn't that be just great timing as it is her daddy's B-Day on Saturday!
Wow, is just such a short time she will forever be ours, and at home with us. Please be in prayer for her transition...Okay for all of our transition. I know it will rock my world. Everything around her will be totally different and new so we are trying to be very aware of that as she comes home...So no HUGE parties immediately, but that time will of course come!
We want to give her time to learn who we are in her life....She will have to adjust once again to new parents...And that can be confusing for babies. So please bare with us if we do not pass her around for everyone to hold right off the bat. No worries though, there is plenty of Bianca to go around...Let's just give her a bit of time to adjust. I know she has so many wonderful people who love her and I can hardly wait for her to know you all.
What a great time in life...What a long wait for something so special...It is unexplainable for me really. Eric and I are just so blessed to be given Bianca. Man, God is so good! I will end on that note of PRAISE! -Love & Peace, Chantelle


Debbie said...

Your embassy appointment is just right around the corner and before long she'll be in your arms forever. Sounds like we'll miss each other in Guatemala though. We're leaving October 4th for our visit trip.

Kristen and the Gang said...

Hey Girl.....those pics made my day and I must say "THE BIANCA"S" are both gorgeous!!! Your Bianca is an absolute dollie face! Your almost home, hang on! ANd yes....your world will be a rockin!!! But it is a wonderful ride!!!!