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Thursday, September 6, 2007

Diaper Etiquette on a Plane...Give a Girl Some Help!

Okay so of course I cannot sleep....Eric and I have been ending the nights talking about Bianca and our lives together...Then he goes on to a joyous snore and I stare wide eyed into the night!
So, I started to think about our trip home, and I am stumped....More than likely on several issues, but one comes to mind quickly. Let's say Bianca has a diaper blow out during the international flight. Do I change her right there in our seats to the displeasure of our neighbors, or do I take her to the bathroom???? Hey, don't be fooled...Bianca is completely adorable, and yet she can still drop a bomb that can clear a room. Okay is there any possible way there is enough room to change a diaper in one of the in-flight toilets???? I mean, I have spent more than my share of hours on a plane in my lifetime and never have I considered this emergency diapering situation...My life is much like a sitcom as it is, so I can only envision what might take place between Bianca and myself in one of the airplane toilets! Someone give a girl some help!!!!
Of course I will feel like a fool when I talk to one of you tomorrow and you explain in simple NEW parent terms how there is a secret compartment on all planes designed especially for these diapering situations. A compartment I have never been granted access to up until this point in my life..because I have never had the "key". It is almost as if you must hold up a stinky diapered child on a plane and one of the lovely flight attendants escorts you away to a wonderful diapering oasis....Okay, I guess I am getting off track here....But you get the idea.
So many things to think about...and I am stuck on this one.
On this note I better sign off tonight...I should not reveal too many of my "unusual" thoughts in one setting....I do not want to alarm anyone!
Peace out-Chantelle


Tricia said...

Okay I have 6 kids and have flown PLENTY with them. For the most part if a kid needs a diaper change I hand them to my husband and then I look at him as if he should just know how to handle the situation...I then lean deep back into my seat and smile trying to think exactly how that plays out,lol.
IF for some reason he is asleep... I would change a baby in the bathroom. My main objective would not be to get the baby perfectly clean... I would attempt to clear away most of the offending matter...but I would not care if some was still sstuck to the butt...not because I am a bad momma... but because babies tend to melt down in an airplane bathroom so the idea is speed not cleanliness. Upon landing I would head to a restroom and change the baby again...this time making sure we are poofree (yes I think that is an official word that you may now have access to...and it should be noted that it is all one word and not two seperate words, lol)
Now if before you get to the plane you are already having blow-outs....My awesome remedy for this is to put the diaper on...and get your hands on plastic cover pants (they make these for the cloth diaper sect) One time we were driving cross country aand my daughter got the "outs" and we were blazing through all of her wardrobe before we saw the next state I bought a pair of these little jobbies and no sh#t (pun intended) it kept it very contained. She was still blowing out but it wasn't escaping. However... I ended up having to stop and buy more because I was not going to take the time to clean those I would ditch those. It saved a lot of wardrobe.
You will do fine and most likely you won't have to worry about too much. Just laugh about most things....including the guy next to you holding his nose as your baby adds a touch of aroma to his flight.

Kristen and the Gang said... Bianca, on her last plane ride...took 2 poopies!! Yes the girl who only poops 1x every other day....she ecided to try out the "facilities".
You can use the diapering station in the is a pull down table over the toilet.
I doubt I would whip off a "S bomb" diaper in the middle of the plane...the other riders may not be too friendly after you do so!!!

BABY ROGO said...

Honey, I am right there with you on your strange thoughts (and snoring hubby too). I know we will figure all this stuff out, but geez it is hard to imagine.

aka - angelstamper

Anonymous said...

Can we all go on this plane right together?! LOL! I'm gonna be the new mom too, and your post made me laugh so hard...only because, I've been up thinking the same thing! Ahhh, the random thoughts I've had lately...with husband snoring in the background! ;)
Here's to seeing you in Guat NEXT WEEK!

Chantelle said...

You guys are too funny!!! What a hoot! Okay I soo feel less like a freak right now! So happy to learn that there is a changing station in the bathroom on the plane, all of the quick tips on how to be effective and "poofree", and heck I guess I am offically ready to go now!!!!! Thanks for the support!