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Friday, September 14, 2007

Mega Thanks!

Hola- This will be short tonight, as I am exhausted from joy and my face hurts from smiling! Eric and I just want to thank all of you guys who have been the utmost in the support department. I know I have not been easy to be around at times in this process and I love it that we have so many wonderful people in our lives that support us. From our awesome families-parents especially, our great friends, church, blog and adoption forum friends, and so many extended friends who have come to know us through our adoption journey. We say thanks...Sounds too simple really. Like it is not nearly enough to cover the territory, but I am at a loss for better words...
I am, for the most part, kind of "tell it like it is" and these last months I really started to struggle with my feelings...Just being sad because I knew the whole situation was out of my own control. I know there have been times that I have not been the most fun to be around...I kind of have a hard time faking my emotions. And so many of you showed me such grace in these times. I will forever be thankful for it. And what an immeasurable gift God has given us through this long journey!
I have taken the past day and a half and really just let myself take in these moments. Moments I have waited so long for....So for the many of you who have called and I did not respond please do not take it the personally...I am just taking a bit of time to really feel my way through this and it is ALL good!!!! It has just given me a fresh perspective on life, and I do not want to miss out on this time in life...It is just so precious. In less than 1 week I will finally be with my daughter forevermore! And once Eric gets there on Saturday we will complete our little family unit. What a great time in our lives...Yes, I am a big mush right now, but I know life will get busy again and for now I do not want to miss out on this time. -We love you guys- Chantelle & Eric

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