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Monday, September 24, 2007

you are going to be upset! Forgot the camera cord!

Okay so soooo sorry everyone, but momma forgot the camera cords to download the fabulous photos!!! I mean, I did have a FEW things to think about in the packing process, but I know this is a hit for many of you,,,,Hopefully you will recover or I can find some poor soul with a compatible camera.....Yikers! Anywho, I also have heard that many of you have been checking the blog religiously for an update... and it is my fault for not having an update. I have been knee deep in Bianca lovefest. Eric got here on Saturday and since then we have been living in bliss. Okay, it does have it's moments where I am just not sure what the heck I am supposed to do, but for the most part I am catching on to this mom thing. Eric is so fun to watch with is really awesome to see. I came down on Wednesday with my mom and we had 2 days with Bianca before she left and Eric got here. Those 2 days were pretty tough for Bianca, It was like this time she knew that something MAJOR was changing. We had 2 days of some prety major stress and confusion for her, and though I thought I had prepared myself for this, I will admit I was pretty sad also. I had a few times that I just kind of cried along with her. It is just really tough to look at your baby and know they are so sad, and at the same time to realize there is not much you can do about it other than just love on them. After about 2 days Bianca really came around and was for the most part back to her old self. She laughs all of the time and just does some really hilarious stuff.....She just loves attention! Big surprise, she is a little entertainer.
I am once again "that woman"....And pretty sure Eric is "that guy". Bianca is really into waving at us and patting us on the back and we think it is the most genius thing....I feel like everyone HAS to see it...Just so adorable! So alas, we are parent freaks that think their kid is more amazing than one could ever fathom.
Tomorrow is the BIG day. We will leave at 6:45in the AM for our US Embassy appointment....We have been waiting for this day for so so long. And yes, I did say 6:45 in the morning. It takes a bit longer to get ready in the morning when you have an baby attached to your hip! We are just so so happy that we have this time together as a family....Being here is so therapeutic....No one to call, nothing that MUST be done, no distractions at all. Just us, getting to know our daughter.
It seems that Eric and Bianca are on about the same nap schedule here and I GLADLY sleep in with Bianca in the mornings...9am! Meanwhile, Eric is making it happen up at 5:30am!
I PROMISE to post photos ASAP! I know you guys are dying to see the little turkey! Wow how she has changed in the 3 months since our last visit. SOOO much curly black hair and 2 bottom teeth, in addition to packing on another few pounds. Her personality so so unique. We have been able to spend time with her foster family this trip and what a wonderful family they are. We ALL went to dinner last night and had a translator. It was such a moment in time to see Bianca's other family in action and to learn stories about her, We said goodbye today to Iris, Bianca's foster mom and it was really almost more than anyone could handle. Please keep her in your prayers, She loved Bianca like her own daughter and will be very sad for some time. What a wonderful woman, and family. I thank God for them.
We will post more soon. Much love to each of you-Chantelle

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Kristen and the Gang said...

OK...I confuse...I am one of your stalkers!!! I have been checking a few times a day to see pictures of your beautiful Bianca!! I hope your having an amazing trip and that your trip home is safe and SHORT!! Mucho Besos from my Bianca to yours!!!!