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Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Man, What an experience.

It's dad this time. Yes I am up a little late to be blogging, but it is before 6. We have a big day today at the embassy and I have thought a lot about what it will be like so I will be curious to see how it compares. We have been enjoying Bianca so much. She is awesome and we are definitely getting reeled in. She is such a ham and a little person already. I have loved being able to be in another country where all we can do is get to know Bianca. I do admit I am communicating with my office via email a couple of times a day, but only minutes. I have put my office in God's hands and am asking him to allow us to totally detach from that world for now. We are so happy. Chantelle is an amazing mommy. She is such a natural. I love watching her do everything with Bianca. I also find myself asking her what Bianca needs and what I should do like she has had more experience than me. It's her first time to, but you sure wouldn't know it. She was made to be Bianca's mom. We are loving life and can't wait for the daily adventures Bianca provides. She swam in the jacuzzi yesterday and the day before. We hold like she is floating on her belly and she actually moves her arms and totally kicks her feet. Our foster parents told us how agile she is and that she is a natural athlete. She loves soccer on tv and she is already kicking a ball if you help her. Who knows where this will take her. We think she is pretty awesome. It will be funny for her to read someday how into her her mom and dad were. Well I am going to get ready for our big day. Bianca is still hogging the bed and totally asleep. She takes up the whole bed and she is not even 2 feet long. Actually she was officially measured yesterday, but I didn't ask. Thanks for all the support.


Anonymous said...

Great to hear you are safe and enjoying your little girl!


Anonymous said...

I am so excited for you guys! I pray everything goes well for you today! Audrie and Ty are getting so excited to meet Bianca! Tracie

Darcy said...

Hi Chantelle,
We met at the Westin. This seems kind of creepy I found your blog, but I just googled Bianca and found it. I was curious to see how the embassy appointment went and how the transition home is going. My name is Darcy and my daughter's name is Lucia. You met my mom and I at the Westin and would come over to check out Lucia's outfit:) Here is our blog if you are interested:
I would love to hear how it is going at home. Bianca looks so darling in all the pictures.

Laura said...

Don't know you... we're waiting for our daughter, too... stuck in PGN yet after a WAY long KO & re-entry 8/10.
Anyway.. I've checked out your blog a time or two and I enjoy it. Bianca is beautiful and I'm thrilled to see she's on her way HOME!! Congratulations! Eric, you made me cry with what you wrote about your daughter & wife. Nice guy :)
We have a Guatemalan-born son as well... you're going to never believe she isn't your own flesh in no time at all! Keep enjoying her....the days are long but the years do fly!