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Saturday, September 15, 2007

What Does Dad Have To Say?

Good morning all. I am up at 5 a.m. my typical day even though it's Saturday. Chantelle and I have joked so much because our schedules couldn't be more opposite. She is up writing and I am up reading soon after as she sleeps. Today happens to be my 33rd birthday and I couldn't think of a more exciting gift than our amazing Bianca coming home. What an amazing journey this has been and what an experience. This, honestly has been the most amazing thing I have ever been a part of. So much emotion has gone into and come out of this, but to literally watch our huge God orchestrate this entire thing has increased my faith and belief in our wonderful God like nothing I have ever known. I am so thankful. It has also been awesome to see my wife in this new light as a mommy. She is going to be and already is such a loving and caring mom. We laugh about getting our little short stack home, that's what we call her jokingly, because we have been kidless for nearly eleven years of marriage. We have been blessed in that way because we have totally experienced life together and we can't wait to be parents and start a whole new journey. We had one of our "last suppers" last night and it is really starting to set in. We sat in one of our long time favorite restaurants and realized this is the last Friday we will eat together without Bianca, or without a babysitter of some sort. Last time. Our life is changed forever and what a realization. I am just now starting to realize a lot of things because I stay pretty consumed with my work so I haven't been as good as Chantelle has with taking in every single moment and thought, but it certainly is starting to set in now. I am just happy. I am so excited just thinking about what our days are going to be like giving little Bianca baby massages and reading her stories and making her laugh. I told Chantelle I think it's a gift that we get to experience life for the first time through someone else's brand new eyes as she sees everything for the first time. I can't wait for all of the firsts. Bath time, cartoons, snow angels, story time, bed time rocking and going to sleep, waking up every morning at our house after living in Guatemala every day of her life and just watching her grow up and become her own person. I am pumped. Like Chantelle, I want to thank everyone that has participated in this with us. We appreciate so much how your love, support and prayers have literally paved the way to allow us to finally be bringing Bianca home. Thank you. Thank You. Thank You. We are the most blessed people in the world and we know that. We know how good God has been to us. I am normally not one to talk a ton about God even though I think a lot about God, but this experience truly has allowed me to see how much God cares about the details of our lives and how involved He really is. Thank You God for the blessings. I don't get on here much so my entry is getting kind of long. I just want to say we are happy, I am happy and I wait for the first time we have our little one in between us, in our bed, waking up for the first time with us on a Saturday morning and it hits us. How far we have come and what we have experienced to see that moment. How cool? Talk to everyone soon.

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