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Sunday, August 31, 2008

All kinds of new stuff!!!

When we visited Auntie Candy in Springfield this week we took lunch to Fisher's school and got to hang out during lunch. It was so much fun! We had lunch in Fish's class and then Bianca tormented Fisher for the next half hour! We surprised him and he loved it. This is a photo of Auntie Candy, Fisher, & Bianca.

Road Trip!!! We have been having A LOT of these in the past few weeks. This week we went to Nashville and back , then on to Springfield to see the cousins! Bianca is becoming a great little traveler, and she takes Monkey everywhere she goes.

Bianca got this cool new backpack from "Aunt" Cheri and she is loving it! I did not realize how small she looks beside it, but it is funny to see. She can barely carry it but demands to do it on her own! So much bling for such a little girl! She took her new pack to school last week. She is really loving school. She goes one day a week and just has a ball!


Cheri said...

Aunt Cheri didn't realize how small Bianca would look next to the "ENORMOUS" backpack. Mom, please carry it for her for 3-5 years until she grows into it! I'm sure Hot Stuff won't allow for any assistance as she is so independent. I'm glad y'all had a fun trip but glad you are home...we miss you. Love, Cheri and Malaena-Sloan

Mindy said...

Every time I see Bianca - I can't get over how simply beautiful she is!!!

I would love to meet you in Nash vegas!! I think you have my cell - call me that day or any time before and let's hook up!! Mindy

Anonymous said...

wow she has gotten bigger and more adorable since i saw her in colmbia!
(this is jason's niece ashli by the way)
and she is sooo cute!

hope all is well for you guys!

Ruthanne said...

Oh my gosh! That backpack is bigger than she is!! What a little cutie wanting to carry it herself. :)
Can you believe that a year ago, we were not-so-patiently waiting for DNA to be done?

Chantelle said...

It seems like forever and also like yesterday....I still get a sick feeling when I think about it.
But, it was kind of fun being some of the first group to really go theough the second DNA..So many people were watching to see the process.
Praise God that is OVER!!!!