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Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Blessed BIG!

I woke up this morning just thinking about life. It seems that events can happen in life in the blink of an eye and just forever rock your world. As I write this I am thinking about Jason, Eric's brother. And if you are reading, we love you man.
Also, just this past weekend Eric's best friend from high school was involved in a terrible accident. His friend's name is Mike Carlson, and many of you who read our blog locally already know his situation, but for those of you who do not, he and his family need your prayers. He is in critical condition in Barnes Hospital in St. Louis, suffering from a brain injury in addition to other medical issues. If there is a guy who can make it through this, it is no doubt MIKE! To his family and especially his wife Dawn, we are thinking of you also every day and praying that guy well.
This blog has been a powerful thing, and literally people all over the US have come together in support those in need.
Now I look at my charmed life, at least in this moment, and I almost feel guilty for not taking in every moment with my loved ones.
I cannot wait to bring another little life into our home and to think of Bianca becoming a big sis just blows my mind. I feel so blessed that God would allow Eric and me to be the parents of our babies who are coming from such different parts of the world. It is amazing how God works in that way. Just a few years ago I could never have imagined having a large family, but after what God has done in our lives through Bianca and now her little sis to be, I can hardly wait to grow our family even more....Okay, just to cover myself for future reference...I guess I should see how I can handle two!
I love seeing all of the places that are checking in with us also. I did not put a counter on our blog until yesterday, I am not sure why...I am thinking because I was not all that blog savvy at first!
I want to add a link on the sidebar also for all of our fellow bloggers, so comment if we can add you...Some of you already know who you are! This has been such a cool way for us to connect to other families going through adoption, and also to just keep up with old friends....because you all know I hate to talk on the phone!
Much Love


Anonymous said...

hey there! i'd love to be added ... robyn here, from back in the impact days. although, now i live in omaha.

i'm so excited about your new addition!

McMurrays said...

Love your blog. . love your family. . . since the day we met you at the pool in Guatemala I have been captivated by that sweet little baby girl Bianca! So FABULOUS you are on the adoption trail again.