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Sunday, August 17, 2008

My Auntie Rocks!!!!

We took Bianca to her first Candy Coburn concert today. My sis, Bianca's auntie Candy is a major musician. She travels all over the country performing and she can rock the house! You can check her out at She has been performing all of our lives and I am guessing very soon will be a household name. I cannot imagine how she is not already though she has a HUGE following. Okay, enough bragging on my sister....but seriously-check her out!
On a different note...Is anyone else exhausted from staying up too late to watch Olympic stuff? I CANNOT STOP MYSELF....I keep saying every night...OKAY, one more event....Thanks Micheal Phelps for finally finishing with all of your mega golds! I need some rest! Tonight it is gymnastics....Yikes! It never ends and I am obsessed! I feel exhausted after these I participated! But alas, I was here on the couch or snuggled up comfy in bed maybe even enjoying a snack. Why can't we have more Olympics in our lives? I say bring it on!
Happy Perfect Sunday Night Olympic Season-Chantelle

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Cheri said...

Well, Mama, I think what we do daily, we can definitely call Olympics of some form/fashion! Turn the TV off and hit the hay. Get your beauty rest cause Bianca will be up soon. I must confess that I haven't watched one event. It's probably a good thing as I would be obsessed. I've been into Little Eisteins, Handy Manny and Pooh and Friends. I think if I turn them on Malaena-Sloan will fall asleep. ha! Love the pic of Candy with you guys. Glad you had a great day and weekend. Love.