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Wednesday, August 13, 2008

New Pics of Hot Stuff

I know most of you check in to see new pics of little hot here are a few. I admit I have been bad...very very bad when it comes to taking new pics lately. We bought a Flip video camera and I have been taking tons of video...and have not figured out how to load it yet...But do not worry, I will post all of the funny stuff Bianca is up to very soon.
She is obsessed with shoes right now and the taller the better it seems. First thing in the morning, bed head and all-she is putting on the highest pair of my shoes available!
The others are after she got the Dora castle....Sometimes I buy random stuff and still not sure she is going to love it, but HEY-seemed like a good idea at the time of purchase.
Her big word right now is AMEN! Which cracks me up. And the way she says it is in this big southern momma. She is working on many other words, but after prayers at night we hear loud and clear A-MEN!


Cheri said...

Malaena and I loved the new pics! She started jabbering when she saw Bianca! We love that child! Cheri

Ruthanne said...

She is getting SO big and is as cute as ever!! Can't wait to see the videos (hint, hint) ;)

Robyn said...

She is absolutely beautiful!!