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Thursday, August 21, 2008


Check out the official BIG GIRL!!!! Okay, I am sooo proud to report...drum roll...Bianca is off of the bottle...Our dirty little secret is no more! She was soooo hooked on taking a bottle at naps and bedtime when she came home, we just let her have it..for too long.
Anywho, a week and a half ago I decided it was time for it to end. She was the kid that "still takes a bottle" at mom's day out and I could not let it continue. So last week I spent a few miserable days putting her down for naps with major tears...(and she cried too). It was truly a sad couple of days as she screamed her head off when I left her for her nap...But, alas, she finally is getting used to it...Then on Sunday night after being out all day we decided to try NO bottle for bedtime. She was so tired, it actually went okay, then followed by a few more days of bedtime misery. Tonight, when we put her to bed Eric explained to her it was book time, then bedtime, and sure enough when he finished the book and told her it was bedtime, she walked over to her crib and was ready to get it....Not one tear! She pulled the blanket up to her little body and put her arm around her favorite stuffed animal and that was it....Eric swears she was even smiling! This is SOOOOOO huge for us! I cannot explain it, but it is big. What a right of passage..No more bottle, now ready for a little sis, and just look at her pics, she just does not look like a baby any more. It is with mixed emotions I write her little sucess story. I need to get over myself and realize that her growing up is a good thing.
I think I had envisioned my 8th grader still taking a bottle and me- a poor sap of a mom allowing it!
Okay, so that is our BIG GIRL news, and now for even better news for our friends.... Our great friends have been waiting to bring home their second Guatemalan child and they found out today they are OUT OF PGN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Check out their blog and congratulate them!!!
They will now have 6 wonderful kids!!!!! What an awesome family! We love you VonStroups!
I celebrate for you right now!!!! To more good news to come and to us all growing our families and loving bigger tomorrow than we did today!


Kelly said...

WOOOHOOO Awesome!!!! I know what you mean I thought Sky was going to be in diapers when she started high school LOL Are you guys in Missouri? We are in OFallon,Mo. If you are you should think about coming to the GFest Picnic in Vago Park in September. Anyhow This week has been HUGE for both of us.HAve an excellent weekend.

Chantelle said...

Sounds great Kelly! Could you get me the info? We have several families in our town that have Guatemalan kids and would love it! Yes, we are Missourians...Cape Girardeau, MO
We would love it!

Cheri said...

So proud of our girl! I hope you got a pic in her bumble bee boots and Cash t-shirt! We love her more daily and love watching her jump all these hurdles...this is a biggie! I guess Malae is next! Love.

Elizabeth Lyons said...

Hi there!

Bianca is SO beautiful! I look forward to continuing to follow your journey to Ethiopia!


Trendy Mindy said...

Just saved your blog in my favs!! YEAH - now I can obsessively check yours daily:)!!!

Bianca is simply beautiful!

I will call you this week - we seem so similar! Mindy

Greta Jo said...

Please tell me your secret. Carson is turning two in two weeks and he still takes the bottle at nap time and bed time.

Bianca is a cutie!

Kristi J said...

Hi..someone passed your blog along to me. We are on the waiting list with All God's Children. Your agency sounds awesome to give you a referral when you turn in your dossier...Your daughter is beautiful and I always get rid of my kid's bottles by weaning them to sippy cups...They all still take sippy cups to bed if they ask. The baby always does...but the others just if they remember to ask. Congrats!!! How old is she?? Lots of people keep bottles for a long time..she doesn't look that old...I'm sure she was still cute with her bottle...Adorable pics, Kristi Johnson

Chantelle said...

Thanks for your comments! Bianca is 21 months old now. Still have minor "issues" with nap times, but bedtime is GREAT! We love our agency so far and I cannot wait to see our first photo of our daughter!!!
Thanks Again!

International Adoption Net said...

Gabre will be, "the one still taking a bottle". I am happy to hear that you all made it through. Do you do your blog yourself? Can you email me and let me know,
The IAN adoption blog is almost ready.

Essy said...

Chanty - I am always blessed to hear how happy you all are and finding joy in all you do and all your little amazing Bianca does! I love you girlie!

Stroup Family said...

Oh my goodness, our little Bianca is growing soo fast. I think I may just cry with her! I remember those milestones. If you can believe this, I think Sarah had her bottle until 2.... Thanks for the "shout out" about us getting out of PGN!! Oh my we are need that baby girl home!!
Love you guys
The VonStroups

Tracy said...

Hi Chantelle,
Bianca is beautiful! Sounds like she's getting ready for her sweet new baby! Love your blog!