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Friday, January 9, 2009


Yes, it is true! 4 months down on the wait! That is how I am looking at least today! We are 4 months closer than when we started down this adoption road! I am so excited to think of how different life will be this time next year...I will be eye ball deep in little ladies! Knowing us, I will be posting about our wait for #3! Don't freak out, Eric-if you are reading this! ha
It has been so cool to see God at work in the past months since we decided to start this adoption. We were met with some pretty serious hurdles with many people when we first told them about adopting from Ethiopia. I know adoption is a journey for each person, and anyone who chooses adoption goes through such a learning process. For me, it has always been about faith and really just trusting God. Each time I think, okay God, I totally trust you...Now let's get on with it! -Of course, it is not on my time schedule, as I have a hard time learning!.
So we wait!
We could not be more excited that we get to be blessed with a little baby girl from Ethiopia. I can hardly believe sometimes that God would give us another little wonderful life to love! I think about what she will be like, what she is doing right now, who is holding her, what kind of personality she will have, and what her voice will sound like.
Can just hardly wait!
Check out this pic of Bianca and her best friend Malaena-Sloan...Just two BFF's hanging out at McAlister's waiting for their sweet teas! They have to eat lunch together at least once a week, and the momma's love hanging with each other also! They will grow up together and I can only imagine what these 2 will get into as they grow up. Just look at those smiles!(Also check out Bianca's purse! That was a mimi & gigi thing!)


Cheri said...

BBBBOOOYYYY....Do we have our hands full or what?!!!! You can just see the sassiness all over that pic. After reading your post, I must thank you again for opening our eyes to what God laid on our hearts. We can't imagine our lives without our Malae-Sloan or Mae Mae (better known as that in these parts!) Your are my BFF! cheri

Anonymous said...

I know the waiting stinks!! With the holidays we are still waiting for our home study to be completed!! I am praying for this to go quickly along with ours!! We saw Jason and the kids at CJ's Friday! They looked great!


Kristi J said...

Are you local?? Just curious...I can't remember how i found your blog now...I'm too sleep deprived these day, lol
We're in TN...are you??

Chantelle said...

ha ha! We are in Missouri! I can only imagine the sleep deprivation with more than one!
I am sure I will learn all about it. We are kind of living a dream right now, as Bianca seems to sleep through the night most nights...Boy, are we in for it!