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Friday, January 2, 2009

Becking Holiday Shenanigans

The rockers are in the house! Bianca and her dad on break from a jam session...Sign of a great dad...Willing to wear a pink!
This is one of my favorite photos of Bianca and Eric from the holidays!
I am amazed to watch this kid dance and jam out on the guitar. It is a total hoot. I guess it is to be expected in this house. We recently bought a new truck and it has satellite radio in it. Eric has been in HEAVEN because it has an "AC/DC Button" in it! All AC/DC all the time...And of course it has flowed over to short stack. We turn it on and she totally rocks out to it....Heee-lar-ious!
Born to Rock~

One big old ball was had by the Beckings crew over the holidays! I wish I had lots of pics of Bianca opening gifts, but we did not buy gifts this year...Don't feel bad, she got the mother load from the grandparents. We have received some slack from friends from last year's gift selections, and we still stick by our choices! Last year, we wrapped up all of Bianca's favorite toys and she had a grand old time unwrapping them all! Now to me, that is the true Christmas spirit...A child opens your eyes to so much! We did enjoy the great stuff Bianca had already gotten from the family on Christmas day. It was awesome to not be rushed, and just hang out as a family. Eric took a few days off and we slowed down this year and really took in our time together.
Those of you who know me, also know I LOVE "stuff"! I am making some changes that have been so great. I am loving it! The stuff is still interesting of course, but I am looking at other avenues to entertain my mind.
Here are a few pics of Bianca's favorite scary face!

Oh, on the note of "stuff" I was discussing earlier, a tid bit of good info for you ladies who love to shop for cool stuff for your girls in the house. Matilda Jane Clothing has ALL inventory 60% off right now and you can buy direct from their website. Cool people and really cool stuff for girls. Check them out! Below is a little sample of their coolness and Bianca is going to be rockin' in ALL of it with this sale! Thank Matilda Jane peeps!


Amber said...

Great blog template and the picture is so cute!!!

Robyn said...

What cute pics!!

michelle said...

Love B's new photos! We enjoyed eating tacos with you all last night after Ron's message on "STRIPPED". Could use a little more practice there!

Jill Samter said...


Jill here just signed in on Scott's name. I just looked over your dates in Guatemala.

We met while you were there on visits. I am positive you were at the embassy too while Scott was bringing home Abigail (then almost 5) with our oldest daughter Lexi.

Do you remember meeting them?

I can not get over how gorgeous your daughter is! I'm sure you get told that all of the time. She could easily be a GAP baby! Not to mention you and your husband are beautiful. What a precious family!

We are praying for you and trusting God to match you once again with the perfect baby girl for your family!

Now you have Scott's blog. I think you already know mine since I'm on the IAN blog -

Hugs and blessings,

Trendy Mindy said...

Hey you!! Thanks for checking out the my new blog! It has been a blast to write about things I love..

Check it out today -



J, A, T and Y said...

Bianca is so cute in those new pics!!!

Kristi J said...

I love Matilda Jane..It has the cutest stuff ever...My girls have a few pieces..>I love the knot dresses...We're 5 months and 2 weeks on the wait just slightly ahead of you guys...Our referral should be any day..kristi