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Friday, January 16, 2009


CAN I JUST SAY.............YEEEEE HAAAAAA!!!!! I just found out that our friends that were #1 on the baby girl wait list got their referral today of a healthy baby girl!!!!!!!!!! So, that means we are a MOVIN' ON UP AGAIN!!!!!!!! Praise God! I can hardly stand it right now.
And I am so so so happy for you Truman's! That is significant movement for all of us waiting for baby girl referrals this week! I am on cloud NINE...or should I say 1!!!!!
So, as it looks we are the next in line...did you read that out loud...THE NEXT IN LINE! to know who our daughter is!!!! Man, I cannot tell you the feeling of knowing that just around the corner we will get to see the face of our daughter. I am so humbled and overwhelmed.


Debbie said...

I'll be stalking your blog for the referral post.

I just wish we could get a completed home study so we could get on the wait list.

Susie said...

Oooh, such an exciting time. I am glued to your blog watching for the birth announcement. Sounds to me like you are in labor. Hugs, Susie

Cheri said...

sounds like time to start celebrating!!!!!

Amber said...


Chantelle said...

Thanks for the encouragement ladies! You are awesome! You know I am celebrating already....Need to take in every milestone!
Can still hardly believe it! And so awesome to have so many who care about Little Miss Sunshine! You guys rock!

Unknown said...

Chantelle - you are a trip!!!!

Lovin' that you are #1!!!

Can't wait to see the next precious blessing to join your family!

We are praising God for the movement with girl referrals knowing many of you have been waiting quite a while!

Love and blessings,
Another mom on cloud 9 waiting to meet Gabriel today!!!!!!

Jeremy and Raelenna Ferguson said...

Woohoo!! I love it!!!

Leah Reeves said...

It must feel great to be #1!

McMurrays said...

So exciting!!!!!!!!!!!! I will be looking daily to see if you have heard anything. Can't wait to hear about this new little angel joining your family.
The McMurrays

Anonymous said...

I just got goosebumps reading your post!!!! I am so thrilled for you!!! I too will be stalking waiting for your birth announcement!!! I bet you can hardly sleep! Congrats to you mama!


Kristine said...

Whoo Hoo! So happy for you! Maybe we will get a referral at the same time :)

Steph and Evan Griffith said...

Congratulations! Soon we'll be celebrating your referral!