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Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Snowed In...& Lovin' It!

Well the Becking's have been spending some quality time together the past few days! The weather in our area has been, how shall I say, YIKES! weather. We have been lovin' it because we have not had to be without power unlike so many people we know and love. Several inches of ice arrived on Monday night and was followed by more sleet and last night snow...Eric has had the office closed for 2 days, and even more important to me McAlister's has been closed for 2 days now...I am jonesing for some Sweet Tea!
We got a bit of the cabin fever today and worked and worked to get the Hybrid out of the driveway...Solid ice, like 2 inches thick did not help our situation!
Here are some pics of our stay at home vacation.
It all begins with a party...With all of Bianca's peeps.

Bianca, looking very pleased with herself after arranging all of her friends in the perfect order on her bed.

Just her lovin' life...Peace out y'all

Here she is, just putting her vibe out.

(Bianca's first real experience playing in the snow)

This is different...Snow angels? You guys come up with some weird stuff!

Oh, hey, a passing stranger offers to take a family pic...All for the love of the blog!

Good Times...This is pretty awesome.

I like to make my dad run fast over and over and over... I never get tired!

I can't feel my feet and there is snot frozen to my face. Are we still having fun?

This is BS...I am going inside!

Oh, by the way...still no news on Little Miss Sunshine...Every day is one day closer! Maybe a call tomorrow...Dare I post this sentence?
I have almost made it one week without harassing anyone from our adoption agency for any info! I have to hang in there.


michelle said...

Sounds like just what you all were needen', some good old fashioned quality family time! We were needing it too, and had a blast in the snow! Jamie was home 1/2 days, can you believe people showed up for surgery the past few days? Loved B's picture with her peeps! LOL!

Cheri said...

I hope you get your tea today!!! I am so ready for spring!!!

Susie said...

HOw fun! We get that all the time here. I tried to facebook you, I am stalking your blog daily. I know this wait is hard, I remember it. But God will not be late...He has a plan for you and it will be perfect. Susie

Trendy Mindy said...

Just doing my daily well hourly stalking of your blog...thinking of you both! love mindy