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Wednesday, January 21, 2009

The good stuff, the freaky stuff, and just me...

So, here we are almost a week into being #1 on the baby girl wait list! Still have a hard time believing it! And please don't hate me fellow waiters of lists, but I am going nuts! I remember hearing others going a little off once reaching the coveted #1 status, and honestly when I read those comments, I secretly cussed them...Of course wishing if I could JUST GET TO THE #1 SPOT, life would be so so good. So, we finally make it, and since this is a place of honesty, I will say-go ahead fellow waiters, cuss me-BIG TIME if you need to. I think now I have moved on to a new level of freak show...Every time the phone rings I dive across the room to my purse to see if is is the agency on the phone...And when I find it is not them, I am not at all interested in talking to the person on the other end....And these are people I dearly love...Let me apologize now for this. I cannot control it.
I need some professional help most likely...AGAIN!

What an awesome week in our country's history. A new President- a historic milestone. A celebration also of the great Martin Luther King Jr.
We attended the annual MLK, Jr celebration tonight at our local university and it was just awesome. Dr. Micheal Eric Dyson spoke and he is just amazing! I loved what one of the speakers quoted tonight....from an unlikely source.
Speaking of the famous musician Jay-Z, these are his own words


Pretty awesome....

The Becking's with one of our favorite people in the world, Pastor T- We are so thankful for this man and the joy he has brought our family.

I am thankful for our new president. And even though we all have very different opinions on politics, I believe this is the right step for our nation. He is still human and will make mistakes, but I believe in his vision. Outside of that, I am happy to know that BOTH of my girls will grow up in a place where a black man is president. They will never truly know the struggles and challenges that have lead to this great day in our nation. And they will look back and find it hard to believe that there was ever a time that this would not have been a possibility.

God is good. I have a lot to learn. I want to always stand for what I believe in-just like those before us, who gave so much, even their lives for what was right.

To change to one of my other favorite subjects-BIANCA! Here are some pics in some of her latest Matilda Jane digs... (oh and before you judge, I downloaded before I thought to get rid of the red eyes!)

I call this outfit, a little bit country...a little bit rock & roll!

Who's your daddy?

Hours of fun....Cardboard boxes

Trying out her new mysterious look

Wahoo!!! Lovin' these last few moments of being an only child! Mom...Look at me!

2 year old book worm....Just like dad

Thanks for all of your love and support! We love it!
Chantelle, Eric, Bianca & soon to be Little Miss Sunshine


Cheri said...

I forgot I could make scarves!ha! Malaena-Sloan's may or may not have gotten done....I am totally unsure of where it is at this point in life! I am trying not to be anxious about LMS, but am so excited for you. Everytime you call, I think, "THIS IS IT!!!" Make sure you have my ringtone different so you aren't disappointed it's me!ha! Hang in there....God has HIS perfect timing controlled!!!

Leah Reeves said...

Great post, loved it!

How cute does she look in those cloths?????? Super cute.

michelle said...

Hey!!! Hows it going girls?
Just wanted to say HI. Can't belive you are numeral uno on the girl wate list!!!
Love, paeton,o

the truman's said...

You crack me up. I am so happy to "know" you through this crazy journey called, adoption. I would not change it for the world. OK, just so you know, now that we are not number 1 anymore, we have our picture and know who our daughter is, this is even HARDER!!!! I think I am changing the words to the song, "Killing me softly." LOL! Well, guess not, just wanted to say hello. Thinking of you and praying for more referrals and court dates.
Love and Blessings,

Anonymous said...


hope you get YOUR IMPORTANT CALL soon...

fingers crossed... thumbs's almost there...


Stacie said...

Seriously, when were #1 I about went crazy! We were #1 for a month (we were the first family on the list, ever) and I was about to lose it. Number 1 is a wonderful, but crazy-inducing, place to be.

Do you go to a church where that man is pastor?

The Andersons said...

Okay, Chantelle - I'm trying to induce more sympathy than jealousy in me:) as I'm certain I'll feel the same when we are there. Funny how is only been a week, but after moving the two spots last week - I'm going quite crazy too now!

Can't wait for you to get the call!!!


Kelly said...

Hi Chantelle! So exciting that you're number one in line. I hope your wait is short!! Thanks for commenting on our blog. We live in Branson and would love to connect with you guys if you are ever in the neighborhood. There are lots of us in the area who have/are adopting. I just met a women yesterday who adopted from Guatemala who has a daughter about the same age as your Bianca... and your daughter Bianca is absolutely gorgeous!!!

Brian and Autumn said...

Hi Chantelle,
Nice to "meet" you! How long have you been #1?? It is an exciting spot...after about a month it made me crazy though :)
My parents don't have a blog but I will keep everyone updated on mine. Can't wait to hear you got THE call!!