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Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Like the Theme Song to "The Jeffersons"...Well, We're Movin' On Up!

That's right, you heard it here people!!!! We have made yet another move on the wait list to know our little girl! We got a call today from Aneata at our agency and she let me know we were officially now #2 on the baby girl wait list!
It was a bitter sweet moment when she told me the family that was #2 above us, have decided to put their adoption on hold due to financial reasons...Man, just so sad. I did not know them personally, but I am a mom who has been waiting, and I know the thoughts that consume your mind, the love you feel for the face you have never seen, the tears of both joy and sadness as you wait. My heart really goes out to them today.
That being said, we are just so happy and thankful to be one step closer in the process. So many of you ask every time I see you-so FINALLY! A great update! So, so much is changing with Ethiopian adoptions recently! I am no expert, but we thought at this point we would almost be finished with our adoption, and now it is looking like at least 3-4 more months...Who knows really! So much depends on when we get our referral and how smoothly our court date/dates go. The process from referral to home is slowing down a good deal also. I told many of you from the beginning it could be like 60 days from referral that we would travel....That is no longer the case. It will be a longer process. The courts have slowed and the influx of adoptions has increased so much that it is difficult to process all of the cases.
We are just so thankful God has allowed us to have another daughter! I look at Bianca every day and I am amazed that she is our daughter. I know our parents feel the same way and I can only imagine what Little Miss Sunshine will add to our lives!

On another totally different, but GREAT note...My friend Betsey made it to the final 2 couples in the wedding contest. There will be ONE more option for voting starting on Friday so please stay tuned. I will post something on the sidebar to link you to the place to vote...This is it! The FINAL vote!!! I just know they are going to win, as long as everyone keeps helping them out! I can hardly wait to see them win. If you are in the STL area, you can hear them live in the studio on Y98FM all Friday morning. Just awesome that she is SOOOO close to this!


The Andersons said...

Okay, I didn't get a call yet so I'm dying here. Would that make us #4? You are right about it being bittersweet. Some dear friends had to put their adoption on hold and it was very hard for them. Now they see more and are glad due to other reasons but how tough.

Do you think Aneata will call me too?

Cheri said...

We are patiently awaiting your water to BREAK!!!! We can't wait to meet LMS but know it's in God's hands and his timing is always perfect!!!

Unknown said...

Congrats...We had good news today too! I am so happy for you, #2!~

Anonymous said...

That is so awesome!! So happy for you!! The Russian process is getting slower and more complicated as well, so I feel your pain, I think we will be extremely lucky to be done a YEAR from now! I'm sure you will be so happy just to have your referral! I know I would!

Kim Dampier

Stacie said...

Hi there! I found your blog! And, #2 - how exciting! And Betsey is a finalist- also very exciting!!