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Friday, August 31, 2007

Houston....We have been Submitted!

Yes, it is true.....We have finally been submitted to the US Embassy for final SIGN-OFF and the infamous PINK SLIP!!!!! We have been told that we were submitted on Tuesday, and now Bianca is scheduled for her 2nd DNA test on Monday. I have been seeing Pinks coming out about 2-2.5 weeks after submit....Though it is taking her a bit longer to go for the DNA appointment. So, once her DNA sample is taken- then it is shipped to the US...and a few days to a week later approved and once again shipped back to Guatemala....I think we are looking at getting our pink if all goes PERFECTLY 2 weeks from today....then we will travel the following week (Around the 15th?)Please do not mark my words here. I have had way to many people lately see me and ask about when Bianca is coming home....I then say, "It looks like it will be 3-4 weeks"....And then I of course hear..."That is what you said the last time!"...Like I do not understand their frustration!!!! Please people! Of course, I am not speaking to ANY of you, as you I am sure are so faithful to the blog for your Bianca fix...So you have the inside scoop anyway. Hee Hee (Does anyone really say, hee hee?) I write that sometimes then try to imagine that EVER coming out of my mouth.
As you might have guessed by my nonsense, it is late and my brain is beginning to fog. I guess I might as well get this out in the open....It has been bothering me for a few days now....Okay I am just going to say it and then it will be out there...
My name is Bianca's Mom and I am addicted to Ebay....Please do not judge me....
Those of you who know me well also know that I am a very competitive person....I LOVE to WIN...hence my major affinity to Ebay....It is not that I have been winning ALL that much...But I have learned a technique to winning that I am pretty sure I could market. It is invigorating to WIN...just hard to remember at times, that we PAY to win...What a concept.
Let's move on to another less sensitive topic. I have been thoroughly enjoying myself lately. I have really been taking in my free time and enjoying my alone time with Eric. I am really trying not to rush this last part of the adoption process. Now we know that Bianca is coming home and no matter what in a matter of a few weeks we will be going down there, to bring her home FOREVER! Makes me emotional just thinking about it.
I cannot wait for Bianca to meet so many of you who have been such a fantastic support system to us. To our awesome family, friends, community, and forum friends, I say thank you! I am running out of steam so I will sign off for now.
Peace & Love-Chantelle


Kristen and the Gang said...

WOOOOOOOO HOOOOOOOO....BIANCA is on her way home!!!! What fantastic news!!!! I am so thrilled to for you all!!! Hurry Up, PINK!!!!

Stacy Blocker said...

YAHOOOOOOOOO I am soo happy for you guys! My thoughts and prayers are with you always! I will be praying for pink slip! Take care!