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Saturday, August 11, 2007

Bianca & Dad rest.....I am up planning our lives together!

Hi all- What a CRAZY week it has been. Since we got the OUT on Tuesday I have had a permanent grin on my face, and I am pretty sure I have been sleeping with it also. Of course, I am crunching all of the numbers to see when I think Bianca will be making her debut to the good old USA. There are really a lot of variables right now....though I am NOT complaining!
There is a new DNA test that the US Embassy put into place just days before we got out of PGN...So, Bianca will once again have her DNA test done to compare to the previous test. Her birth mom will not be there for this test, so it should go fairly quickly. But any time there are any changes to the process it can slow things down a bit.....or maybe not! Okay, so there is that step. She was born in the province of Amatitlan and getting the birth certificate from there looks like it has been taking on average 7 days...Which is great! Babies born in Guatemala City are taking 4-6 weeks to get the birth certificates! Yikes! and this step has to be done before they can submit the paperwork to the US Embassy. So, once her BC and DNA are hooked up she will have her paperwork submitted to the US Embassy and they will wait for DNA confirmation, then post a PINK Slip, which will have our date to be there for our family Embassy appointment...What's a girl to wear to an event such as this? Decisions, decisions! I am really hoping to see her home in 4 weeks from this point so we will see.
There is another subject of much interest as of late that I have been learning a lot about. Guatemala is up for elections, which will take place I think on Sept 15. There have been some very serious situations that have occurred surrounding these elections. It is more than a sad situation to say the least. Political leaders and their staff members have been killed and attacked recently and there is much political unrest in the country right now. Please really send some good will and thoughts their way. I so quickly take my life and freedoms for granted and it is such a reality check to learn some of what is happening in my daughter's home land. I will not go into details, but you can Google it if you want to learn more about the election situation in Guatemala. The NY Times had an article last week that was very informative on the current state of the country.
Okay, I probably need to say this.....Family, and you know who you are...don't freak out about this. Bianca will be fine, and we will be fine while there....We are dealing with a higher power here of course! But I think it is worth mentioning what is happening in Guatemala so people can see the realities happening in the world around us.
So, on a much lighter note, I am thinking Eric & I need to party it up the next few weeks as we ring in the last few weeks of being free from baby responsibilities. I think I can manage that! It is the weekend and that is always fun in this household! Well, as you can see, it is the middle of the night so I will wrap it up. Much love to everyone. Cheers-Chantelle

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Kristin said...

Found your blog on the adoption forum...we have very similar timelines! Maybe will be picking up around the same time. Your baby is a beauty!