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Monday, August 6, 2007

Tick, Tick, Tick....

Okay for anyone who has not been logging on to read my rants, let me say that this COULD be the week! We will be back in PGN 8 weeks tomorrow. Any time between now and the 12th looks VERY promising....though I hate to put that out there in case the outcome is different. So last week not much happened in the PGN...Turns out the head honcho, Senor Barrios, was out of the country. He has to sign off on the final approvals of all adoptions in Guatemala.....Maybe I need to send him a fruit basket...I wonder if that could be considered a bribe, or even illegal...Hmm Maybe I should hold off on that least for now.

On to other info...after a few of you have been frustrated by not being able to post, I have changed the parameters on the blog, so now anyone can post, whether you have an account or not, so feel free to try it out.

As I have posted in previous blogs, a group of women are starting a non-profit organization to educate people who are interested in adoption....I am a lead in this group. We are just beginning but have already had so much response...So on that note, if you know of anyone who would like more info on adoption please feel free to give them my contact information. The org will be called "Room for One More" and it will serve to field questions for people who are looking into adoption. We will also serve as a support system to families that are already in process or new families that need assistance with paperwork and so on.

Okay, I am busting at the seems to get back to Guatemala....And Eric is need of a vacation also! We are so ready to see Bianca! I know it will be a tough transition for her foster family when we bring her home, and I have been thinking about that a lot lately. Bianca will have her own adjusting to go through, but I am thinking her foster mom, Iris will be very sad when Bianca leaves her. Initially Iris thought that Bianca would only be with her for 4-5 months. Since that time has almost doubled, I am sure she sees Bianca as her owns daughter. She has spent every night with her pretty much since she was born. I have to tell you, Eric and I both loved Iris from the moment we first saw her. She speaks no english whatsoever, but it is amazing how much I see her love our daughter. We have been so blessed to have her in Bianca's life. Iris' husband, Hugo is also a very kind and loving Papa. They have 3 girls of their own, almost grown, so Bianca has PLENTY of attention at home. I will have to really work hard to impress her once she gets home....I am only one person, but some would say with MANY personalities!!! Keep the good vibes going...I have a great feeling our little lady is coming home soon!!!!! Love, Chantelle

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Rib Wife said...

Chantelle and Eric,
I would like to donate a side of ribs and beans to the fruit basket send over to speed things up! haha
I am so excited for you guys. I have Bianca's picture hanging on my calander. Thinking of you daily. I LOVE the updates on this site.