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Monday, August 27, 2007

No Bianca Update Today...And Other Stuff on My Mind

Hi everyone...Nope this is not a photo of Bianca today. I did not hear from our attorney today, but he was supposed to submit her paperwork to the US Embassy....At this point, I know God is in control of it all....Like it did not take long enough for me to figure this out! I am of course totally in love as is Eric with our little lady. I have been thinking so much about her life and my own, and I wanted to share something a bit off topic of the adoption journey.
As many of you know, I have traveled to several countries in Africa learning about the AIDS crisis. I have spent time with AIDS orphans, living daily life at an orphanage with over 60 babies, and at a refugee camp...All in different countries in Africa. I have been changed by this time overseas and I am always looking for avenues to educate people on the crisis happening there.
I finished a short documentary a few months ago with footage of my trips, that is an educational video to take into schools. When I look at my own life, and now at Bianca's I think of all of the millions of lives, on the other side of the world that are in desperate need of food, water and medical treatment...And that is the tip of the iceberg. I guess more than anything this post is to remind us all of our responsibility to be aware of what is happening in our world....and at whatever level, to take action. If you would like to learn more, start at these websites:
I live a life FULL of freedoms, and I know we all take these for granted. This is an opportunity to learn more about life for people like you and me living under very different circumstances. I want to do more. This is just a step. I want Bianca to grow up being a part of the change in this world, and how awesome would it be to see this pandemic end? What a great thought to ponder. God Bless-Chantelle


Kristen and the Gang said...

Just stopping by to see if there was an upate on YOUR Bianca and I read your latest post....all i can say is AMAZING! What a wonderful thing you are doing and with people like you hopefully we will see an end to suffering and pain (even some of it) in other not as fortunate countries! This is a subject close to my heart as well...i guess this is one more thing we have in common!!

Chantelle said...

No update yet! I hope you check this....I wanted to check your blog, but had no luck accessing it! I would love to chat more! How can I best email you? I am as you can see not the MOST tech savvy person!

John Daharsh said...

Hey Chantelle! Thanks for the link. Tell Eric I said hi.