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Thursday, August 23, 2007

It's Only a Matter of Time Now!

Today we received an email from our attorney in Guatemala. Just as we had heard, the US Embassy is closed this week for training purposes....(God is STILL trying to teach me patience!) So, as of Monday we will be submitted to the US Embassy. I loved his email....He said "Your adoption is final in Guatemala. You are legally the parents of little Mayra" (her given birth name)...Now that is HUGE! Now it is only a matter of time on the US side to get her home!!!!!! Is that phenomenal or what? I think back to the days when I was so sad, or just kind of bummed wondering if these days would ever come...I would think, how will I feel, what will it be like???? Well, let me tell you, it has been the most beautiful time in my life. I have been able to really take it in and focus on what God has done for us.
I know some of you who read this blog might think my God comments are over the top, but I must tell you, now more than ever I believe ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE when you believe and have faith. I cannot stop talking about it....and I probably never will! Yee haw! Okay, refocus...So now it is looking like 3 weeks until we travel. If we are submitted on Monday and it takes 2 weeks for new DNA and approval, then the 3rd week we will be in Guatemala!!!!!
For those of you still hanging on, I must also inform you that I did "WIN" the carseat on Ebay....That site is addictive...Little does Dr. Becking know, I have also "WON" many other things since I learned how to use it! Yikes!!!! Stuff for Bianca of course, and you all know how much she NEEDS it! Ha Ha
Okay, that is about all I have to report tonight.
Much Love going out to you all-Chantelle

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StefB said...

Congratulations! I'm the one with the daughter that Bianca reminds me of. I'll eventually get some more pics to you...