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Monday, August 13, 2007

No news yet...

To answer the question we all have on our minds....Hopefully by the end of this week we will be ready to be submitted to the US Embassy. I might be pushing it a bit, but according to my own timelines, that is what I am looking for. From that point another few weeks in the embassy and then the pink slip as long as everything keeps rolling on. Once we get pink it is usually 10-15 days for pick up. So we are looking at 3-4 weeks by MY estimations....I have been known to be wrong once or twice however.
I hope it comes soon and very soon. I am starting to use up all of my adorable Bianca photos! So I will have to re-use a few if my timeline does not work out! Okay, so officially I am in the market for a cool car seat....I know...big stuff people....Hey, in case you did not read the name of the blog...this site is ALL about Bianca....I do have a life, okay....But a car seat is a big deal to a mom that has been waiting for the thumbs up from the Guatemalan govt for MANY months! I decided to hold out on that purchase until we got the go ahead! And stuff like NEW clothes...okay I did not wait for that, but know that I know she will be home for fall I can get started!

Bianca and the family want to send out a BIG SHOUT OUT, to the Abuela Birthdays in the house. Today was Grammy Janis B-Day and Wednesday will be Mimi Jill's B-Day.....We did not forget you, CH, Happy B-day to you also! We love you guys! And really, what better gift than Bianca coming home!!!! Wahoo!!!
Eric's B-Day in Sept. 15 and by then, he will be a FULL on DAD!!!!! How cool is that?
I will keep you posted as we learn more!!!!! Bueno! Chantelle

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