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Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Bianca is ours...legally!!!

We have an update people!!!! Just got confirmation from our agency today that Bianca has been issued a new birth certificate and a new passport....Hope she smiled for her photo..Hmm I wonder how she signed it? Foot print maybe...I mean she does have a great set of little pigs. This is a fantastic step forward. Legally she is our daughter. And we could not be happier or more humbled by the fact that her birth mom's choice gave us the chance to adopt Bianca. I will never forget who Bianca's birth mom is, and I will always be grateful that she gave us this gift. It was a selfless choice really. God works in such mysterious ways. Something that could have been so different has been such an amazing blessing in so many people's lives. Some day we hope that Bianca will be able to meet her birth mom, and I will look forward to that day myself.
As for now, we can hardly wait to bring her home to meet her new family. Okay, so the next AND FINAL step will happen on Thursday....We will be submitted to the US Embassy...Wouldn't you know it, they are closed until Thursday for staff training of some sort...What timing! Anywho, no big deal. Once we are submitted the little short stack will have one last DNA test and within about 2 weeks we will get a PINK slip....This will have our Embassy appointment date. MUSIC TO THE BECKING'S EARS! And from my current calculations, it should be about one week from the pink slip date and we will be bringing her home....THAT MEANS SHE WILL BE COMING HOME ASAP!!!!!! What a freakin' party we will have!
We will continue to keep you posted as we learn more, but this gets you up to speed. Everything has gone smoothly so far. We have been out of PGN for 2 weeks today and they have accomplished a good deal of things...Her new Birth Certificate, Passport, and translation of her documents. So guess we wait....Sounds familiar! Much love to you guys!!!!! Chantelle

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