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Friday, August 17, 2007

Still Adorable....And Waiting!!!!!

I am running low on photos that I have yet to post, but I love Bianca in her swim suit...Boy, is she in for it! Mama is conservative when it comes to the little lady's swimwear! Okay, so I am sure you are all wondering...Any news???? And of course, that answer is still ...NO...Go figure. It has kind of been a pattern during the last half of Bianca's journey. So, hopefully we will hear next week that we have been submitted to the US Embassy...Word on the street is the Embassy will be closed the 20th-23rd for "training". Who knows really. No matter what the little hot stuff IS coming home!!! And that is something to celebrate. I have been rejoicing for the most part, but I will admit, the days are going by so slowly as we wait for the final HOORAH!
We should be receiving new 9 month photos from her medical check up soon also. So I am sure we will all be on the edge of our seat awaiting those...or maybe just me and the doctor... Hmmmm, what else is happening? Of course, I bought several more things...important things of course for Bianca this week. I have also been working out a lot...I have a lot of extra energy these days. I am enjoying ALL of the my time with Eric and we are really taking it in.
Okay, I will check in later! Much Love-Chantelle

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